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The Secret of the Eternal Dragon

Langley-based Children’s Authors Bruce Kilby & Ken Johnson have been busy working on their next book, The Secret of the Eternal Dragon.

This children’s adventure book is a sequel to their previous book, Legend of the Tooth Fairy, but set in modern times.

The Secret of the Eternal Dragon

The Secret of the Eternal Dragon - FiresideStories Publishing - FiresideStoriesPublishing.comby Bruce Kilby & Ken Johnson, with illustrations by Jisoo Chin.

This exciting sequel to the Legend of the Tooth Fairy is set in modern times, but keeps the mystical lands of the original story. Holly, a descendant of Garth, who Taddy Boy told the original story to, is called upon by the Fairies, when the last dragon eggs are found.

Fangor, the last remaining dragon, senses the unearthed eggs and wants to rescue them, but in doing so, breaks his ancient promise to stay inside his mountain lair.

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Holly feels compelled to help, and with the aid of friends, old and new, the brave adventurers journey to many places in their quest to solve the riddle of how to bring the eggs back to life and the eternal dragon.

In the end, Holly and her friends face an epic battle between good and evil, and are put in death-defying danger.

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