About Fireside Stories Publishing

‘The Legend Of The Tooth Fairy’ – published November 2013.

‘The Witch Of Weasel Warren’  – Book and accompanying CD was released in November 2014.

‘The Secret Of The Eternal Dragon’ – published November 2016.

‘Olive (The Other Reindeer)’ – published December 2018.

About Bruce Kilby – Author – Olive (The Other Reindeer), The Secret of the Eternal Dragon, Witch of Weasel Warren & Legend of the Tooth Fairy
Bruce Kilby in a Kayak - Fireside Stories Publishing

Born in Woodstock, Ontario, Bruce was
formally educated in England, returning to the West coast of British Columbia in 1966. He now resides in Langley, BC. A long-time songwriter and short-story author, he has completed two children’s novels: ‘The Legend of the Tooth Fairy’ and ‘The Witch of Weasel Warren’.  His third novel is being written, and will be available in the Fall of 2016.

About Ken Johnson – Author – The Secret of the Eternal Dragon & Legend of the Tooth Fairy
Ken Johnson - Legend Of The Tooth Fairy - Fireside Stories Publishing -

Ken Johnson was born in Vancouver, B.C. in 1951, he now resides in Cloverdale, B.C.
Ken discovered a passion for song writing in 1962 and continues today with his creative gift as a singer / song writer.
The Legend of the Tooth Fairy is Ken’s first attempt of taking a step beyond the comfort zone of song writing. This story originally was to be co-packed with a product Ken developed, The Tooth Fairy’s Tooth!
For many years, Ken co-wrote songs with Bruce Kilby. Ken knew that Bruce was gifted with a great imagination and when asked, Bruce agreed to partner in this endeavor.

About Christine Lee  – Illustrator – Olive (The Other Reindeer)

Christine Lee - Illustrator for 'Olive (The Other Reindeer) -

Artist Christine Lee was born in Vancouver and raised in Surrey, B.C.  and is currently studying at Emily Carr University where she hopes to pursue animation or concept art. She likes to listen to music and write short stories. She specializes in traditional work, mainly with watercolours and pens.

Her pictures are used for the Cover artwork and Chapter Plates in ‘Olive (The Other Reindeer)’.

About Jisoo Shin – Illustrator – The Secret of the Eternal Dragon

Artist Jisoo Shin was born and raised in Surrey, B.C. and is currently a student at the University of British Columbia studying French.  She plans to work as a teacher in the future.

Jisoo continues to create art in her free time… it being a lifelong passion of hers. She specializes in traditional linework and digital cellshading.

Her pictures are used for the Chapter Plates in ‘The Secret Of The Eternal Dragon’.

About Elizabeth Yuan – Cover Artist – The Secret of the Eternal Dragon

Artist Elizabeth Yuan was raised in Coquitlam, BC, and is currently a high school senior pursuing art. She specializes in digital illustration and traditional painting.

Her picture was used for the Cover Art in ‘The Secret Of The Eternal Dragon’.

About Dallas Lenton – Illustrator – Witch of Weasel WarrenDallas Lenton - Witch of Weasel Warren

Artist Dallas Lenton began drawing at the age of six. He attended the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, where he studied classical animation, character design, life drawing and storyboards. Dallas is known for his pencil and ink illustrations, greeting cards and tattoo designs. His pictures are in ‘The Witch of Weasel Warren’.

Dallas lives in Langley, BC, with his five year-old daughter.

About Don Thompson – Musician & Recording Engineer – Witch of Weasel Warren Don Thompson - Witch of Weasel Warren

Don Thompson has over fifty years in the music business. He has toured with several bands, including fronting The Guess Who. He studied under guitar virtuoso Lenny Breau, and has appeared on many national TV shows. For twenty-five years, Don has run Studio 56, a recording studio used by many noted performers, and has produced albums in Canada, the US and China. His Halloween music is on the CD that accompanies ‘The Witch of Weasel Warren’.

About Sean Cannon – Illustrator – Legend of the Tooth FairySean Cannon - Illustrator - The Legend Of The Tooth Fairy

Sean graduated from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in 2007. While maintaining a strong interest in illustration throughout his art career, his studies led him to focus on printmaking and wood carving. Studying anatomy for drawing class eventually segued into a study in anatomy and physiology. Sean now works as a registered massage therapist in the Vancouver area.