Through the years, Bruce Kilby has received some wonderful feedback:


We met you today at the Yarrow Community Centre Craft Fair and I just wanted to thank you again for your time and generous gifts!

Our kids have been wearing their dragon necklaces all day! 

What you couldn’t have known is that prior to arriving in the car, I was talking to our little boy about how he HAS to try harder to learn to read. 

He has profound dyslexia and is more interested in tinkering, playing and computers than trying to slog through letters and words.  He was REALLY taken with the idea of Olive and Santa and is eagerly waiting the arrival of your book!  BUT also when he came home he drew several pictures of what he thought the story would be like.  He has NEVER attempted to engage with a story.  We’re home-schoolers and Olive is going to become the focus of learning for the next several weeks!

Without reading one WORD of your writing… (that will soon change though!) …you have created a huge little fan.

Truly, thank you for taking the time to talk to us today!

~ MG

This book is actually really good!

I’m at a really good part where you wonder what is going to happen next!

~ Ainsley

Ainsley with Legend of the Tooth Fairy book | Fireside Stories Publishing | Legend of the Tooth Fairy

Kate enjoys reading so much, that Dad had to get them both ‘reading lights’!