Dragor’s Fire

Langley-based Children’s Authors Bruce Kilby & Ken Johnson have been busy working on their next book, Dragor’s Fire, with illustrations by Brianna MacDonald.

Dragor’s Fire will be available in early December 2021

Here’s the story:

“Holly and her sidekick Taddy Boy are called upon by the fairies, to help save the world from an alien from the planet Decay. The alien finds the ancient secret burial grounds of dragons and transforms into the hideous dragon Dragor, who wants to claim the world for his kind.”

Dragor's Fire - Third book in the "Legend of the Tooth Fairy" series - FiresideStoriesPublishing.com

Dragor’s Fire Characters:

Holly, Fangor the Dragon, Taddy Boy the Teddy Bear, Dragor, King Molar, Drooling Gummies, General Gnasher, Sergeant Tagger, Emperor Chinny Chin Chin, Sense & Nonsense, Móyá the Dragon, Bluetooth the Dragon, Maxilla the Dragon, Chiptooth the Dragon, Slinger the Dragon, Toothpick & Hip Hop.


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