Legend Of The Tooth Fairy

Legend of the Tooth Fairy

by Bruce Kilby & Ken Johnson, with illustrations by Sean Cannon.
Legend Of The Tooth Fairy - Bruce Kilby - Ken JohnsonThe reasons why the Tooth Fairy comes for children’s teeth, have been long forgotten. That is, until an adventurous young boy named Garth decided he wanted to become friends with a dragon.

Garth’s innocence gets him into a lot of trouble. Little did he know, he would revive the ancient dragon wars, upset the long-standing friendships between fairies, dragons and humans, and end up learning how to be a magician.

With the help of his friends, Garth becomes the unexpected hero, by turning back the evil Pyorrhoea Pete the Pirate and his hoard of Drooling Gummies.

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 – Legend of the Tooth Fairy – Cast of Characters –

Fangor the Dragon, Garth (our hero), Taddy Boy – the Teddy Bear, Thibit the Thailor, Theo Saurus Bookworm, Quiettessa Mouse, Ms. Addy Noid – the Librarian, King Molar – King of the Fairies, Whitey E. Namel – Wizard’s Shop Owner, Odor Le Fume – Ogre, Tar Tar Goldcaps – Wizard, Pearly White, Pyorrhea Pete the Pirate, Ginger Vitis, Einstein Featherbrain – Library Owl, Ian Cisor – Captain of the Guard, Ortho Donni – Arabian Seahorse.


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