The Secret of the Eternal Dragon

Langley-based Children’s Authors Bruce Kilby & Ken Johnson have been busy working on their next book, The Secret of the Eternal Dragon.

This children’s adventure book is a sequel to their previous book, Legend of the Tooth Fairy, but set in modern times.

The Secret of the Eternal Dragon

The Secret of the Eternal Dragon - FiresideStories Publishing - FiresideStoriesPublishing.comby Bruce Kilby & Ken Johnson, with illustrations by Jisoo Chin.

This exciting adventure sequel continues in the modern day city of Bicuspid from the escapades of  800 years ago by the magician Garth described in The Legend of the Tooth Fairy by a magical teddy bear by the name of Taddy Boy.

Fangor , the last remaining dragon,  has sensed dragon eggs have been unearthed in a place called Gumgolia and, driven by strong prehistoric survival instincts, wishes to bring them back to life.

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Holly, the unsuspecting young descendant of Garth,  is summoned by the fairies to help them in a magical and dangerous journey through Brusha, Tonsilvania and the Land of Plaque.

Once again the evil bats called the Drooling Gummies, under their Emperor Ruthless Toothless Brutus and his queen Hali Tosis, have returned to  spread their Nightmare Dust, capture fairies and, at all costs, the last dragon.

With the help from her friends Taddy Boy, T-Pick the chameleon, Hip Hop the Praying Mantis and meeting several other adventurers along the way, Holly becomes a Dragon Rider and Magician’s Apprentice in her quest to save the dragons and all the Fairylands.

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