Witch of Weasel Warren

Witch of Weasel Warren

by Bruce Kilby, with illustrations by Dallas Lenton.

Witch of Weasel Warren - Book CoverLate at night, Duke Skysquawker, a crow from the Northwoods Rookery, discovers weasels stealing pumpkins out of Farmer McSimmons’ pumpkin patch. He reports the strange activity to his farm friends who realize they have to do something. Stranger, a relocated city raccoon, and his field mouse sidekick, Pronto, are sent to find out what is going on.

The two masked detectives discover that an evil witch and warlock have devious plans for this year’s Halloween. Along with the Sugarplum Fairy, Quacks the Pig, Sneezer the Bloodhound, Gerome the Gnome, Patches the Scarecrow, and several other animal friends, they attempt to put a stop to the wicked plan of making Halloween evil once again.

The Witch of Weasel Warren is a fun fantasy escapade with plenty of scary moments and an exciting final battle between good and evil.

The ‘Witch of Weasel Warren’ book, comes with an accompanying music CD. Below is a sample of the Title Track

Witch of Weasel Warren – Music & Lyrics © Don Thompson

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‘Witch of Weasel Warren’ author, Bruce Kilby, talking about how he visualizes the scenes he writes, and uses real-life settings he visits, as the backdrops and locations for the writing, in his books.

“This location confirmed my vision about the scene, when I described Sneezer (the McSimmon’s farm bloodhound) and Duke Skysquawker (the black crow) going through the bulrushes to get to Quack’s nest (he was an orphaned pig, raised by a mallard duck).

When describing things I often go back in my memory, but this picture was exactly the pond I was describing, in the book.”

Witch of Weasel Warren - Pond Inspiration - Bruce Kilby - FiresideStoriesPublishing.com

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– Witch Of Weasel Warren – Cast of Characters –

Cast of characters: Duke Skysquawker, Farmer McSimmons, Stranger the raccoon, Pronto the field mouse, the Sugarplum Fairy, Quacks the Pig, Sneezer the Bloodhound, Gerome the Gnome, Patches the Scarecrow.

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