Dragor’s Fire – Update on the Latest Book

Fireside Stories Publishing is pleased to announce that the latest book by Langley children’s authors Bruce Kilby and Ken Johnson, “Dragor’s Fire”, will be available in December. 

This book is the third in the “Legend of the Tooth Fairy” series.

Dragor's Fire - Third book in the "Legend of the Tooth Fairy" series - FiresideStoriesPublishing.com

Here’s the story:

“Holly and her sidekick Taddy Boy are called upon by the fairies, to help save the world from an alien from the planet Decay. The alien finds the ancient secret burial grounds of dragons and transforms into the hideous dragon Dragor, who wants to claim the world for his kind.”


Dragor’s Fire is the story of an alien glob that becomes an evil dragon, trying to take over the world… and has to be stopped by Holly and Fangor with a little help from the fairies.

The book’s cover art was done by Bruce Kilby’s niece Brianna MacDonald, and cover layout done by Wendy Dewar Hughes.



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