Fairy Fun & Fanciful Facts

Fairy Trivia & Fun… Facts ???

  • Fairies possess unpredictable and humorous mischief.
  • Fairies love music and dancing. They dance in fairy rings by moonlight or in the mist.
  • Fairy gold can float in Fairyland.
  • Many trees are sacred to fairies.
  • Roses are said to attract fairies.
  • Most fairies do not like the idea of having their names known.
  • Fairies are attracted to laughter, so Fairies often gather near to where there are children playing.
  • Irish travelers believe that dust is raised on roads by fairies on a journey, and raise their hats to it, saying, “God speed you, gentlemen.”
  • Some Arabs think whirlwinds and waterspouts are caused by evil jinns.
  • Fairies love nature, woodland animals and tending to flowers.
  • Fairies love shiny stones, like marbles.
  • Some of the tangles we get in our hair at night are caused by fairies.
  • Fairies like order, tidiness, and neatness. It is said that a family who does not keep a neat home might be pinched by the fairies in punishment.
  • Fairies prefer to wear brightly-colored clothing.
  • If you are lucky enough to receive a present from a Fairy, you should not boast about it, or the fairy may take it back.
  • Oberon is the King Of The Fairies in William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream with his wife Titania, the Queen of the Fairies.
  • Fairies love playing chess, long considered a game fit for kings.


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