Olive (The Other Reindeer)

Fireside Stories Publishing is pleased to announce that Langley author Bruce Kilby has written another children’s adventure book, and it will be available in Late Fall 2018!

Olive (The Other Reindeer)

Olive the Reindeer - Front Cover - Bruce Kilby - FiresideStoriesPublishing.comOlive (The Other Reindeer) is the fourth book written by Bruce, and published by Fireside Stories Publishing.

Here’s the story:

When Santa and his famous team of reindeer fail to return to the North Pole after his Christmas Eve delivery of toys around the world, Mrs. Claus fears the worst.

What could have happened to keep Santa from his favourite chair by the fire on Christmas day?

Desperate, Mrs. Claus chooses Olive, an inexperienced prankster of a reindeer, to launch out into the howling winds and frozen wasteland of the Arctic in search of the lost team and their beloved Santa Claus.

Soon an injured snowy owl, named Chloe, joins Olive to help the directionally-challenged young reindeer trace Santa’s route through the north. Together the two race off on their hilarious and dangerous adventure, facing blinding storms, unrepentant ghosts, and the never-ending pursuit by White Storm, the wolf pack leader, and his Howling Dozen.

As she presses on through ice, snow, and bitter cold, little Olive, the other reindeer, has no idea what perils await her and Chloe, or if she will ever find Santa and his faithful team.


Olive (The Other Reindeer) will be available in the late Fall of 2018.

Please check back here, for details on the book release party… coming soon!




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